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Sanny & Abigail

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. Do you remember the time when you have met someone and from that day on, all of those feelings you have in friendship, respect, adoration, curiosity about the other person, love, and need, is amplified? Fired up? It was the same but more intense and deeper? That's how the story between Sanny and Abigail all began. It is truly love on fire.

And up to this day, their love is much more on fire than ever before. Today marks the day that they embark on their new journey together as husband and wife. The fire keeps burning with the love that they both share and it is such a great scene to see and capture their loved ones witnessing Sanny and Abigail come together as one. Watch how their breathless moments unfold as they profess their love at St. Joseph the Worker Parish followed by a beautiful reception at Bayview Golf and Country Club here through their Same Day Edit.

We truly enjoyed capturing every moment of this day. If you think Sanny and Abigail's love story is so beautiful, imagine the coming together of these two beautiful souls coming from two different cultures. It was the beauty of their traditions and loved ones coming together from all parts of the world to complete this beautiful day.

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