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We have a passion for telling great love stories here in JustKlik Productions. Our team is filled with camera professionals who enjoys capturing every moment of your big day. Our work is a combination of passion, uniqueness and creativity that strives to go above and beyond to give you breathless moments with a cinematic touch. Here in JustKlik, we take pride in our high quality level of products and services. Allowing us to capture unique shots, emotions, the overlooked and the unseen. Camerawork is not our only focus, but also getting to know you. Our vision is that there needs to be both trust, chemistry and a strong desire to enter into a unique and creative work relationship between our team and you. We achieve this by taking the time to get to know you and then carefully balancing our experience and vision with what you would like to see as an end result. Our team is always open to new concept and ideas. We do this because our lenses do not only shoot  but rather combine the pieces of your story in a film with a cinematic touch as a token of remembrance meant to last a lifetime. 


JustKlik is dedicated to give you breathless moments as we story tell your big day. We are open to any kind of events: from weddings, engagements, debuts, christening, family portraits, baby portraits, maternity, professional portraits, commercials, corporate events and many more. Every milestone is a whole new series of breathless moments and every story is worth telling, so let us capture yours!


Our talented director, Mc Sabado along with our team of photographers, videographers,  and editors are here to meet and exceed your expectations.






We are more on Dramatic. Breathaking. Journalistic. Candid. Designed with Creativity and Uniqueness in mind.We'll just let your eyes be the judge


Got an idea? Let's make it cinematic, creative and fun. With music of your choice, creative editors in-house, our cinematographers capture your entire event, not just pieces of it, but all of it, so generations and generations can enjoy.



Doing weddings almost every weekend can really show and teach you a few things. and meeting talented vendors helps our work more smoothly and happier. So planning a wedding? Need a little assistance? From picking a venue, DJ, flourist, caterer, or any other aspect of your wedding, our trusted vendors have the latest and greatest ideas.


So when you have a question and need an answer, put them to the test, they may just know a little more, I mean just a little more, than your Aunt or Uncle.



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