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Joseph & Camille: A Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony (even when it rained!)

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud..." - I'm sure we have all heard this verse before. I'm also sure that you probably have already cited the rest of the verse already. Isn't that crazy? Crazy, just how love seems to be - yet, it is what we all need in life. Do you know what can be more beautiful than this verse? Seeing it come to life. We have seen it through our lovely couple, Joseph and Camille this past weekend.

The day started with a beautiful ceremony at Black Creek Pioneer Village followed by a night filled with warm wishes, tears and smiles - all of this fell into its place to witness Joseph and Camille enter a new chapter together as one. As they say, "come rain or shine!" and that was what exactly happened. Come rain or shine, there was no stopping these two amazing people from having a beautiful wedding day. This is exactly why we love what we do. As we capture their whole day, you really see how the chemistry is between the two. It was so nice getting to know them and being able to capture every moment of it. Our favorite part? Seeing as we capture everyone coming together as one as the rain pours in the middle of the ceremony and you can still see all huge smiles on their faces! So here it goes, their Same Day Edit - they were patient, they were kind and now they are Mr. and Mrs YAP

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