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Mitali + Mahesh Sameday Edit


Their love story started when Mahesh went to visit his dental clinic to do his dental checkup where mitali work as a dental hygienist, Mahesh is a regular patient to the clinic and he is a very confident a guy when it comes to pretty ladies, he is well known to the clinic for being friendly to the staff, there are times that he even ask the cellphone no. of beautiful patients and tried to hook up.

Sadly it didn't work out.

Being a regular patient, and Mitali always does his teeth works, mahesh took the advantage of being a regular patient to get Mitali's contact no. being a friendly staff she didn't bother give her no. to mahesh.

So from that day to this date, here they are. a couple for almost decade made a promise in the presence of thier families and friends to be husband and wife. On the 30th of April 2016, Mitali and Mahesh has finally bind as one.

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