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Moments like this | Ryan + Alexis | sameday edit

" A moment like this" featuring Ryan and Alexis Cruz | the wedding

It wasn't the greatest relationship, neither the best. but somehow, someway..its their imperfections that held the relationship together.

They faced so many adversities and have gone through so many trials but it's amazing how they able to rise above each one of them.

They often wonder how-- maybe because of their family's support or maybe from the advices of their friends.. whatever the reason is, they know one thing is for sure --

God believed that no matter how different they are and how imperfect their love can be, there's only one ryan and alex who will refuse to give up on each other no matter how hard and challenging life can be.

Check how their breathless moments unfold with the presence with families and friends ryan and alex finally tied the knot.

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