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MUSICAL DUO | sameday edit

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. It was like listening to a perfect harmony on the 3rd of July as Serene and Paul tied the knot as one--and we mean it literally, they tied the knot as one! This day was definitely one for the books as we have never captured a series of breathless moments in this angle until this day. It was just like watching a movie or a musical as Serene and Paul, together with the witness of their family and friends celebrated the start of their new journey in a very creative musical wedding ceremony.

The day was truly like a perfect harmony as their family and friends not only witnessed but actually cooperate and take part in every second of their ceremony. As others may have been busy preparing for the 4th of July, our beautiful couple Serene and Paul made this day even more memorable as this day marks the beginning of their new journey. May you keep singing your hearts out with love and joy all in one, perfect harmony.

Watch their series of breathless moments here,

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