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Churchmate | RR + Ivy

the story began when two met again at church at St. Marguerite d’Youville Parish, in 2003.

“we met again” because we were in the same class in Grade 6 and have actually known each other since we were 12-years-old. Meeting again in 2003, I was in the church choir, while Rayman was going back and forth from home (Brampton) on weekends to Ottawa, where he completed his studies at the University of Ottawa. As Rayman would continue to come home on weekends we met occasionally at church and exchanged contact information in hopes to meet up sometime to catch up. It was through the beauty and accessibility of MSN – instant messenger – that we were able to continue to stay in consistent contact and allow for us to set up a times to meet both with mutual friends as a group, and soon after, arranged to finally meet for dinner alone as a couple. From there the relationship continued to blossom – making it official on June 19th, 2006 – and through constant phone calls, weekend visits, and instant messaging, this long distance relationship between Brampton and Ottawa began to grow closer and closer, where distance was no longer an issue.

Eventually, Rayman moved back home to Brampton and our relationship continued to flourish bringing us to this next chapter – Marriage.

Today the 30th day of May, Rayman + Ivy will come to church with the witness of their families and friends to be husband and wife.

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