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Alyanna turns 18 SDE

Birthday is the important day in ones life, what more if it is your 18th birthday. For our JustKlik princesses, their 18th birthday is one of the most memorable among other birthday because this is the start of their journey into adulthood. This is set to be the start of achieving careers and goals. Most importantly, this is the night where their dream of a fairytale evening comes true. As everyone welcomes the month of November, our beautiful debutante Alyanna, welcomes the world of adulthood.

Other than a whole new series of breathless moments, it was another enchanting evening as Alyanna brought us in for a night in Paris. It was definitely classic and fabulous. From the pink scheme and sparkles to the Eiffel Tower centrepieces, the beautiful view of the Deer Creek Golf and Country Club and the enchanting smiles from her loved ones, the night was definitely an enchanting one. Another dream come true for one of our JustKlik princesses and we are very happy to capture every moment of it. Happy Birthday Alyanna and we wish you all the best!

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