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Patrick and Kathleen

One of the reasons why we love what we do and we love to capture different series of breathless moments is that every day is a new experience. On the 8th of October 2014, Patrick and Kathleen embarked on a new journey. Aside from the excitement, elegance and the beautiful scene at the Toronto Botanical Garden, one of the things that stood out was the willingness of our couple to pull through an outdoor ceremony, rain or shine! Luckily, their love is so strong that even Mother Nature was definitely on board with them on their big day. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with breathless moments, indeed. Our bride couldn’t have looked any better and as usual, the priceless moment where our dashing groom waits at the end of the aisle waiting to take our bride’s hand into their new journey together. A cherry on top of this amazing day would be the look on each of their loved ones’ faces as they witness the bond between the two.

It is another honour for JustKlik to be able such an exciting series of breathless moments. Every moment of it fell seamlessly into creating a beautiful story on our Same Day Edit video and soon to be, our Cinematic Wedding Film. Thank you, Patrick and Kathleen and congratulations once again! Watch their series of breathless moments here,

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