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Kristine turns 18

Every step is another adventure. Life is all about taking risks and making every moment count. On the 20th of September, let us all join our debutante as she open heartedly welcome a new adventure. Kristine will be entering the exciting world of adulthood. As she celebrates her 18th birthday, she will be joined with the presence of her loved ones who had been with her throughout her journey so far. It is another reminder that in every journey that you enter, you are not alone. We are looking forward to capture the beautiful smiles surrounding the venue through the night.



The wait is finally over for our debutante, Kristine! It was another enchanted night at Ella's Banquet Hall on the 20th of September 2014. As our debutante take on this new chapter, her loved ones shared words of wisdom, moments, warm wishes, laughs and even tears as Kristine welcomes the world of adulthood. It was another series of breathless moments worth capturing.

Happy birthday, Kristine. It's time to break free and enjoy every moment of this new adventure. Cheers!

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