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Arlene and Mike

Everyone was looking forward to welcoming the first official day of summer on the 21st of June. But in the lovely city of Toronto, there was one loving couple who could not be more excited and could not wait for this day to arrive. Mike and Arlene finally tied the knot!It is another honor for Justklik to be able to capture these breathless moments. Even on a bright sunny day, nothing can beat the shining look on our beautiful bride as she walks down the aisle. But not to forget, out of all the people staring at her, there’s our lucky groom, Mike, waiting down the aisle to finally take Arlene’s hand and go in this journey together.It was truly a day full of breathless moments. These are moments that are worth looking back to in the future and bring joy on their faces. Justklik is proud to be able to capture Mike and Arlene’s milestone. Best wishes and congratulations again, Mike and Arlene!

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