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Kimberly turns 18 | Same day Edit

Her magical shoes led her to a new and exciting chapter of her life! Our sweet debutante, Kimmie, celebrated her 18th birthday on April 12 2014 at Sala Caboto Banquet Hall. As the only princess in the family, her friends and family really made sure that Kimmie will have a celebration that she will always keep close to her heart. The night was filled with laughters, tears, singing and dancing. You can really feel the excitement in the room as her friends and family joins Kimmie on welcoming a new chapter of her life. The April showers sure did not hold anyone back from partying it up! As the song goes, living is like chasing fireflies. Live it to the fullest. We wish you all the best Kimmie and welcome to the exciting world of adulthood!

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