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Jurice Turns 18

The one and only princess of Oliver and Dorie Encarnacion open heartedly welcomed a new and exciting chapter in her life, adulthood! Our stunning debutante celebrated her 18th birthday on March 22 2014 at The Estate Banquet Hall. The night really felt like a dream as she was overwhelmed by the amount of love and smiles from her friends and family for her that evening. From the sweet and humorous speech made by her mother, to a surprise dance performance from her brother, to the most heart touching father and daughter dance had truly made everyone in the room to remember this night. It was a breathless moment indeed and JustKlik is proud to be able to capture that! Cheers, to a dream come true and moments you won't forget. We wish you all the best, Jurice. Welcome to the exciting world of adulthood!

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