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Our packages are tailored to match the style, cadence and most importantly, the love story of your wedding day.


Same day edit


        The Same Day Edit (SDE) video is what JustKlik sees as the “cherry on top” of such a grand day!

The day of a wedding can be described in many ways, overwhelming, hectic, busy, beautiful, elegant, energetic, fun, memorable and the list goes on. Yet the idea of that long list can be recapped on your SDE right after your reception program. From the last few moments before you start your new chapter together, and the first series of breathless moments as newlyweds… we capture it all! What better way to sit down, with everyone and look back at what a memorable day you all just had, just before you kick off your heels and dance the night away!


       On location editing, this video will show the events highlights from the preparation up to the ceremony. The final video is then shown on a big screen at your reception and will also be included as one of the chapters in your final wedding video.



Cinematic Wedding Film Version


      The edited version of entire event. In this version, it includes the shifting which allows us to create a story out of it. it’s not usual scripted type of video that has it’s chronological orders to be followed. Approximate running time would be 15 to 20 minutes.


Documentary Version


       The Documentation of the entire event as it actually happened. The shoots of the different cameras will be combined together by choosing the best angle from each of cameras. All audios from the ceremony to the reception will be live. All parts of the wedding will be included. Approximate 1 to 2 hours running time.



Raw Footage

Unedited videos taken during the day, everything captured from 3 different cameras will put in external harddrive


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