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What  Camera Do You Use to Record?

I’ve always believed that the tools are only as good as the person using them.

We are proud Canon users. You gotta love a company that gives u the best quality of all.

We currently use the Canon C100s and Canon 5D Mark 3 for our shoots. Edited on Final Cut Pro X.


What  Equipments Do You Use?

  • We make sure our shots are stabled by using steady cam, tripods and monopods
  • We maintain our creative shooting with our sliders
  • With our 8foot camera jib (crane) add more unique shots to our video


What is your style?


Our cinematography is a very cinematic film. We let things unfold by themselves, letting events blossom and people breathe. Our storytelling gives a sense of uniqueness to our film and editing spans different styles and transcend labelling. How ever we edit, the point is to give the audience breathless moments.


Who picks the Music?
I do. Please allow me that. As a person who has been doing this for more than a decade, I already get the feel for what kind of music suits the events to be unfolded. More importantly, we pay for and license the music of films that we put online, Licensing (1) supports and respects the artists who make the music (2) validates our own creation and work of art without the shroud of intellectual property rights infringement (3) makes me feel good about myself as an artist. However, I am open to suggestions and I assure you that it is within your preference.


How long does it take to get the final edit?

As for the best quality assurance, usually we take our time editing your events. We give a lot of time putting all the clips together, watching it all over again to collaborate a good story board. We do assure you that it is finished within 8-14 weeks period of time.

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